One more thing, one more family member!

2021-03-22 09:53

Half busy with business and half busy with the hardships of housework

Born in the mid-80s, I went further and further on the road of Bensan. Although the skin on my face is still tighter and you can't tell the true age, the traces of the years are all reflected in my hands. Having been married for more than three years, in addition to the hard work of working at the unit during the day, when returning home at night, it is more to wash, cook, clean and mop the floor. All day, there is no time for leisure time like doing beauty shopping.

Everyone says that the hand is the second face of a woman, but what can be done about it? In the life of a housewife like me at work during the day and night, I don’t even have time to take care of the first face, let alone the second face, plus Washing the dishes, mopping the floor and wiping the home, all of these tasks require hands. Summer is good, and the biting ice water in winter is really hard for me to resist.

Both hands and waist are victims of housework

Whether it’s washing dishes, laundry or mopping the floor, these housework is entirely the contact time between hands and water, especially when mopping the floor. Not only do you have to touch the cold water, but also bend over and stand up. These actions are for me, who is like a bear in winter. It is difficult to say. The work of mopping the floor alone makes me miserable every weekend. Fortunately, my house is only a hundred square meters. If it were a little bigger, it would be more difficult to mop the floor.

I am used to using a cotton mop, which is much more convenient than the rag my mother uses, but the corners and corners are indeed not clean. When cleaning, the bathroom is always very wet and dirty, and sometimes there are a lot of water stains on the body. Because I learned to dance when I was young, my tailbone was injured, and my waist always hurt for a long time every time I dragged the whole land. My husband feels sorry for me, and he often takes the initiative to mop the floor, but due to the nature of his work, he doesn't spend much time at home, so I can't always wait for him to come back to mop the floor.

Bestone became a family from a helper

Later, after listening to a friend's introduction, Bestone brand mop was very good, so I bought one and tried it. I bought a rotary mop. It feels very textured from the outside. The bucket arm is also very thick. It looks much higher grade than the same type of rotary mop on the market. When I take it home, my husband praises it and buys it. They are all beautiful.

A week later, Bestone proved that its practicability is not less than aesthetics. The design of the foot pedal made the drying mop a lot of effort. When cleaning, I suddenly felt that my energy was wasted. I heard that this is all the credit of Bestone cleaning assist technology. The 360-degree freely selectable mop head has all the dead corners that were missed by the flat mop before being cleaned. After the corners are white, the home suddenly becomes a lot "big". What makes me most gratified is that after using Bestone's mop, I don't need to bend my waist anymore, and I am not afraid of recurrence of the problems of dancing.

Now this Bestone mop is already one of the important members of our family. Its existence has really helped me alleviate many housework worries. Can go to work and housework without fail, save time and make a face mask and hand mask. Shouldn't women in the new era live like this? !