Winter Love Songs---Liberation of Housewives' Hands

2021-03-22 09:48

Some people say that the hand is the second face of a woman. However, in the winter, the most worrying thing for the housewives is that their second face is about to be "ruined" by the cold wind, ice water and various detergents. Today, I will introduce three miracles of liberating the hands of housewives. In this winter day , Let them sing the winter love song with the hands of the housewives!

One, plus velvet thickened water-repellent leather gloves

The complicated housework overwhelmed the housewife's hands. According to the survey, the aging of a woman's hands after marriage is 4.36 times faster than her face. Because the hands are exposed to various chemical substances, especially detergents, and work frequently every day. So the hands need to be protected even more.

Since the housewife can’t avoid daily washing and washing, a pair of firm and thick leather gloves is particularly important. It can separate the housewife’s hands from various chemical reagents, avoid direct contact, and completely fit. With both hands, the movements are light. In addition to completing housework, he also protected his hands from being corroded by other reagents.

2. Anti-cracking and anti-drying moisturizing hand cream

Isolation is not enough for hand care. The dryness and cold in winter can make the skin dry and itchy. At this time, a bottle of highly moisturizing hand cream is needed.

Apply evenly after each use of water. You can also make a hand mask for your hands before going to bed every day, that is, apply a thick layer of hand cream on your hands and wear cotton gloves to sleep. When you get up the next day, your hands must be several years younger~

3. Hand-washing portable rotary mop

Mopping the floor is one of the big heads of housework. Solve the problem of washing dishes, laundry and tidying up the room. The dust, hair and stains on the floor are the last difficulties the housewives need to overcome. Use a traditional rag to wipe the floor and touch the stained rag and sewage with your hands; switch to a large mop to mop the floor, and you can mop the floor several times with one mop; use a cotton mop to mop and mop it down and change it one at a time. Do you remember after a few buckets of water? Of course, mopping the floor must be the most labor-saving link in winter.

In recent years, some new mops that have appeared on the market have fully achieved the two functions of hands-free washing and portability. For example, Bestone, which has been focusing on making rotary mops, uses a hot wheel design for its portable series products, which can be easily pulled. Drag the bucket and use it whenever you want. The Kuai Lijie cleaning assist technology, which has obtained the national invention patent, saves 80% of the cleaning effort. It is said that even children can use it. In use, the hands are completely free from the cold dirty water. Washing, dehydration, the whole process is carried out in the mop bucket. Imagine whether the scene of mopping the floor while watching idol dramas on TV is particularly beautiful. The rotating mop that has won the national patent award is so different. It makes tiring housework into a light exercise. It feels great!