Housework is not only a woman’s business

2021-03-22 09:51

Is housework done by women or men? This is a very controversial topic.

In traditional society, the role of "men leading the outside and women leading the inside" has become a deep-rooted concept, which affects generation after generation, and housework is regarded as a woman's exclusive. According to relevant data, Chinese women spend 155 minutes doing housework a day, ranking fourth from the bottom in the world rankings. Compared with women, men spend significantly less time doing housework.

In fact, with the advancement of women's status in modern society, housework habits are also quietly changing, and more and more men have begun to actively participate in housework. The appearance of washing machines, dishwashers, rotating mops and other products has also made housework easier and easier. The housework that used to be dirty, messy, and tiring is changing to a comfortable and comfortable direction. The brand-new concept of "housework is not only a woman's business" has gradually become the consensus of the Chinese people.

As a leader in the domestic rotary mop industry, Bestone always regards "improving people's home life quality" as the ultimate goal. Relying on the industry's most powerful technical development team, Bestone is the first domestic company to launch the Bestone rotary mop that can be automatically washed and dried , Liberating women from heavy housework. With the advantages of "no hand washing, no hand twisting, 360-degree free rotation of the mop head, free extension of the mop rod, and use of mopping, window cleaning and car washing", women who love beauty no longer have to touch dirty water and The mop head, not to mention washing the mop in cold water, just put the mop head in the cleaning bucket or dehydration basket and press it lightly, and the whole cleaning process can be easily completed. Obviously, Bestone is the forerunner to promote the change of this era.